Smoke Alarm Installers in Fife

smoke alarm installers fife

From February 2022 every household in Scotland needed to be legally required to have interlinked smoke alarms and heat detectors. A link to the government website can be found HERE:

    How to Get Your Smoke Alarm
Alarms can either be self-installed or professionally installed by a trusted installer such as RGM Heating.

These premium smoke alarms come with 10-year battery life.  To make sure your home meets the new standards order your alarms from RGM Heating, either call 01383 435993 or email us

COST TO INSTALL smoke alarms 

From £215, RGM Heating is offering a fire safety service to install smoke alarms and heat detectors  that are fully compliant to meet the new regulations. 

The price of £215 inc VAT is based on a one-story property and is for the supply & installation of 2 smoke alarms and 1 heat alarm, both are battery-powered and interlinked as per the new regulations.

Alternatively , we can supply the alarms and deliver them to you from £185 for the alarm kit + delivery cost.
Smoke Alarm Installers Fife
Smoke Alarm Installer Fife RGM


Our Professional Smoke Alarm Installers in Dunfermline Fife. RGM Heating are your local qualified smoke alarm installation specialists.  Our engineer will install your wireless smoke detectors with minimum disruption.  

From February 2022 what every home must have:

one smoke alarm in the living room or the room you use most
one smoke alarm in every hallway or landing
one heat alarm in the kitchen
All smoke and heat alarms should be mounted on the ceiling and be interlinked.

Remember - the law on fire alarms changed from February 2022 which means all Scottish homes need to have interlinked alarms.
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