Boiler Installation and Replacement

When it comes to your home's heating system, there are a lot of options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to determine which one is right for you. That's where Rosyth based RGM Heating come in! This Boiler Installation and Replacement guide page is here to help you make an informed decision about installing or replacing a boiler in your home.

   What to Consider when Choosing a Boiler
Type of Boiler: There are three main types of boilers - combi, system, and regular. The best one for your home will depend on your specific needs.

Size of Boiler: The size of your boiler will depend on the size of your home and your hot water needs.

Efficiency: Boilers are rated for efficiency based on their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the more efficient the boiler.

Cost: The cost of the boiler and installation can vary widely. Get a quote from us as your reputable installers who offer a fair price

Below are the immediate benefits of installing or replacing different boiler type.

Combi Boilers

Combination (or ‘Combi’) boilers are currently the most popular type of boiler in the United Kingdom. They can handle hot water for your taps, shower, and central heating system at the same time. The supply for everything comes directly from one unit. They are considered ideal for smaller homes, particularly those with just one bathroom.

•   Combi boilers can provide large amounts of hot water, instantly.
•   They only heat the water you use, making them economical and environmentally friendly.
•   They are a great way to save space. There is no need to install a separate hot water tank or cold-water cylinder.
•   With few additional parts, they can usually be installed quickly.
•   Can be remotely controlled, with a new installation.

•   If you have low water pressure, multiple taps being used at once can slow down the heating system.
•   Combi boilers take a few more seconds to get going when heating water.

Conventional Boilers:             

Conventional boilers are also known as regular or heat-only boilers. They’re the traditional way to heat a home or workplace. They send a reservoir of heated water into your radiators, via a hot water cylinder that acts as a reserve. These boilers are better suited to larger homes and buildings, especially those with more than one bathroom.

•   Conventional boilers can provide hot water to more than one tap, simultaneously.
•   They’re built on reliable and well-tested technology.
•   An electrical immersion heater can be fitted to the hot water cylinder as a back-up, should your main boiler fail.

•   Space will be required to install a hot water cylinder and a cold-water tank. These are usually located in a loft or attic.
•   You will need a programmable control panel to time when the hot water cylinder is heated up for your use.
•   Hot water is limited to the capacity of the cylinder. If it runs out, you will need to wait until it heats up enough water again.

System Boilers:

System boilers are similar to conventional boilers. However, they have some parts that are usually external built in to them. There’s no need for a separate feed and expansion tank with a System. They’re ideal for mid-sized to large homes and for homeowners who want to free up some extra space in their loft.

•   As with the Conventional model, hot water can be supplied to more than one source at the same time.
•   An electrical immersion heater can also be fitted to the hot water cylinder. You’ll still have hot water should your boiler stop working.
•   If you choose a mains-fed hot water cylinder, you won’t require a cold water tank in the loft.

•   To ensure hot water is available for when you need it, you’ll require programmable controls to heat your water for the right time.
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